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Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 4 is out now!

Woo-hoo! Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 4 is out now from Cleis Press in print and ebook! We've got 20 brand new sexy adult stories for you edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel on the themes of outsiders and risk, all of which push the envelope and are sure to leave you aroused.

best women's erotica book adult short stories

Authors include Alyssa Cole, with the SFF erotica story "Essential Qualities," about a woman who creates the man of her dreams, Alessandra Torre with a scorching hot story about getting turned on in "The Dressing Room," Megan Hart, with a story reviewers are calling "Amish erotica" that's tender, hot and moving, and Tamara Lush with word game app erotica, "Words with Benefits," in which a woman in her fifties explores her interest in kinky sex.

Below is a sample of what reviewers have been saying.

Library Journal (starred review):

“In Tamara Lush’s 'Words with Benefits' a 52-year-old professor reluctantly downloads a flirty game app and ends up exploring nautical bondage aboard charming Gabriel’s houseboat. Meanwhile, a sneaky shopper succumbs to her untapped voyeuristic streak when she overhears a dressing room quickie in Alessandra Torre’s scintillating 'The Dressing Room. The entries range from tenderly seductive—Alyssa Cole’s sf human/android tale 'Essential Qualities' proves a true standout in this regard—to playfully raunchy, with everything in between. This anthology’s ­inclusion of diverse characters in terms of age, race, kinks, and ability is refreshing and much-needed in erotica; each writer finds a way to adhere to the collection’s theme while blissfully breaking the mold. VERDICT An exceptional volume of quality quickies; highly recommended.”

“In the adrenaline-fueled 'The Jump' by Rebecca Chase, a woman breaks out of a rut and away from a bad relationship by going tandem skydiving, followed by a little one-on-one time with her jump partner. Quieter but no less intense, “Breathe” by Patricia Elzie shows a young woman exploring her submissive side—and a tickle fetish—with a domme she meets online. 'Her Invisible Prison' by Jocelyn Dex takes on a very different challenge as an agoraphobic woman works on conquering her fears with encouragement and sexy rewards from a man in her support group. Whatever her interests or circumstances, every woman in this fantastic and diverse collection is empowered by her steamy adventures.”

“Sometimes the story is filled with character development, like in 'Mark' by Rosie Beth Randall, where Diana faces her emotions and desires with Dominant Mark. Other times, the plot is such a focal point, like in 'Aftershock' by Jo Henny Wolf. Tessa visits her boyfriend in Mexico City in the aftermath of an earthquake, and while the sex and romance is a big part of this story, it’s told through the lens of the fear, grief, shock, and love Tessa feels.”

This volume makes a wonderful sexy holiday gift (as do the others!).


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