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4 sexy new books from Best Women's Erotica of the Year authors

Happy May! Since Best Women's Erotica of the Year only comes out, yes, once a year, and Volume 4 won't be out until November, we'll be sharing new releases by BWE authors as they come out. This month, we have four new releases currently available to share: a sex memoir by Dorothy Freed, sexy poetry by Jade A. Waters, historical erotic romance by Regina Kammer and more sexy stories edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Next week, on May 29, The Accidental Mistress by Aya de Leon, which we highlighted in a previous post of books to add to your TBR list, will also be published.

Here's more information about each new book and a link to buy them on Amazon and to Goodreads, where you can review it or add it to your want to read list, both of which are tremendously helpful to authors, especially self-published authors. Three authors' writing appears in Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 1 (Freed, Waters and Bussel), while Regina Kammer's work will appear in the aforementioned BWE of the Year 4, and yes, that story historical erotica, in case you missed that title, which is out now in print, ebook and audio.

swingers swinging sex memoir perfect strangers dorothy freed book cover

If you love real-life sex details, you'll want to check out Perfect Strangers, the new memoir by Dorothy Freed about her time living a wild sexual life in the 1970's. It's available in ebook and print. To learn more about the book, check out this review by erotica author LN Bey.

Official description:

PERFECT STRANGERS: A Memoir of the Swinging 70’s, is an upbeat, tongue-in-cheek account of becoming sexually liberated and personally empowered—via three-plus years of rampant promiscuity. In 1974, I was twenty-nine, naïve, and deeply frustrated by my inability to achieve orgasm during intercourse with my husband, Paul. When I found him, naked and on top of my good friend, Cassandra, it wasn’t the infidelity that hurt the most—it was the sizzling sex they were engaged in that cut to my core. Damn, I thought, watching her orgasm for what seemed like hours. Twelve years of marriage. We were never that hot! With that, my life changed in an instant, and my erotic journey began. I began dating, after splitting with Paul, hoping for another chance at happily ever after—but after a series of unsatisfying encounters, I gave up on love, and launched an all-out search for a sexually compatible perfect stranger. PERFECT STRANGERS spotlights the sensitive issue of female sexual satisfaction. My adventures in the Land of Oz—otherwise known as mid-70s San Francisco—takes place in an era when casual sex seemed as easy as a handshake; but for a woman to achieve orgasm, vaginal or otherwise—well, good luck with that! My sex-positive tale touches on issues pertinent to countless women. My target audience is every woman who has ever faked an orgasm, every woman who has divorced, dated and struggled to start over, and every woman who has dared to live out a sexual fantasy—or dreamed of doing so.

Sexy poetry - A Love Affair, From A to Z by Jade A. Waters

sexy erotic poetry A Love Affair book cover Jade A Waters

If you're all about erotic poetry, you don't want to miss this debut collection from Jade A. Waters. You can even listen to Jade sharing a message about the book. And great news: the ebook is only 99 cents! She also narrated the audiobook so you can get a double dose of Jade.

Official description:

A narrative poem anchored in the alphabet, A Love Affair, From A to Z is the love story of one couple’s passionate, bittersweet journey, from beginning to end. At times seductive and raw, and others aching and sweet, this story in verse captures a deep, transformative love that reminds us of the tenderness and heartache that only love can bring. Originally published in episodic form on Jade's poetry site, A Love Affair, From A to Z contains all poems in one cohesive, sequential collection, and includes Author's Notes exclusive to the ebook edition.

Historical erotic romance - The Westerman Affair by Regina Kammer

victorian erotic romance spanking book cover westerman affair

For those who want a blast from the kinky past, check out The Westerman Affair by Regina Kammer, whose tagline is "Erotica for the Hardcore Historian." The ebook version is available for just 99 cents in the U.S., and it's also in print. Get more buy links and learn more about this book on Regina's website.

Official description:

An acclaimed painter. His provocative muse. Her obliging husband. The Westerman Affair. A tale of spanking and polyamory in the Victorian art world.

Erotica - Candy Lovers: Sugar Erotica edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

candy lovers sugar erotica food play sexy woman lollipop book cover

For those who love food erotica, Candy Lovers is for you! It's full of 35 luscious, delicious tales about sweets you're probably familiar with like chocolate and ice cream and Twizzlers, and some that may be new to you, like cuberdons and De La Rosa. All are super sexy and a lot of fun, perfect for reading alone or with a lover.

Official description:

If you love the sweet taste of sugar melting on your tongue, the allure of chocolate and the exciting feeling of licking a creamy ice cream cone, you'll adore Candy Lovers: Sugar Erotica. These 35 enticing stories of food play delve into the fun of popular desserts used in the most tactile, sensual ways. These men and women pursue their sexual fantasies, opening wide to indulge an offered treat or presenting their bodies to be used for sticky, arousing, totally hot carnal celebrations. Whether whipping up the perfect confection in the kitchen, feeding a partner a sweet treat direct from your fingertips (or other body parts) or indulging all their senses in a sugar orgy, the characters in these sexy stories are sure to whet your appetite and turn you on. From couples using dessert to add even more intimacy to their relationships to new passions fueled by a shared love of the pleasures of the tongue, Candy Lovers will arouse you in the best possible ways. Edited by the award-winning Rachel Kramer Bussel, these are the perfect erotic tales to read whenever you're in the mood…with your favorite candy nearby.

Note: Links above are part of the Amazon affiliate program. Purchases made through them yield a small commission.


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