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Rachel Kramer Bussel is the Series Editor of Best Women's Erotica of the Year. She's a New Jersey-based author, editor, blogger and event organizer who has edited over 70 anthologies, including The Big Book of Orgasms; Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica; Fast Girls; Women in Lust; Cheeky Spanking Stories and many others. Her anthologies have won eight IPPY (Independent Publisher) Awards, and Surrender and Dirty Dates won the National Leather Association Samois Anthology Award. Her story "Necessary Roughness" won the 2021 Living in Leather John Preston Short Fiction Award. Her work has been published in over one hundred anthologies, including Best American Erotica 2004 and 2006 edited by Susie Bright and Chocolate Flava II and Purple Panties edited by Zane.


As a freelance writer, Rachel focuses on sex, dating, books, pop culture, feminism and body image. Her journalism and essays have been published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed,, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Beast, DAME, The Frisky, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, Inked, Marie Claire, NBC News THINK, O, The Oprah Magazine, Paper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Publishers Weekly, Real Simple, Refinery29,, The Root, The Rumpus, Salon, Slate,, Time Out New York, The Village Voice, Vulture and more.

She teaches erotica writing workshops at colleges, conferences, sex toy stores and online, as well as working with individual clients. Visit to learn about her consulting services. Rachel also teaches essay writing classes online.


Find out more at, where you can subscribe to her monthly newsletter, and follow Rachel @raquelita on Twitter, @rachelkramerbussel on Instagram, and on her Facebook page.

Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 9 contributors

Angela Addams ( is an author of many naughty things. She believes that the written word is an amazing tool for crafting the most erotic of scenarios and tells stories about people getting down and dirty and falling in love. She loves anything covered in chocolate . . . except for bugs.


Camille Adler ( loves to write erotica stories where women claim their own sexual conquests. Her first erotic story appeared in The Big Book of Orgasms, Volume 2: 69 Sexy Stories. Camille is a lifelong California beach girl. When not writing, she can be found researching vintage lingerie.


Ruby Barrett ( writes steamy contemporary romance and erotic romantic fiction about big feelings, mutual pleasure, and healing. She is a bi woman who lives in Ottawa, Canada with her husband and daughter.


Del Bartlette is a rainy west coast writer. Currently Del’s writing tends to involve either people working through couples issues or women exploring solo play as a way to grow and flourish.


Jane Boon (, a writer, lives in Manhattan with her husband, Norm Pearlstine. With a Ph.D. in engineering, she’s written for publications like The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek,, and Jane’s novel Edge Play won the 2021 Pauline Réage Novel Award for erotic fiction. Follow her @JaneEBoon on Twitter and Instagram.


Nicole Falls is a contemporary Black romance writer who firmly believes in the power of Black love stories being told. When Nicole isn’t writing, she can be found playing chauffeur to her football playing cou-son around the Chicagoland area and beyond.


Monique Fisher attended CSULA where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts and Dance with a concentration in stage directing and playwriting. She's currently writing (and rewriting) quite a few romance novels. Her debut novel, Where There is Smoke, There is Fire, was published in November 2022.


Louise Kane ( is a queer erotica writer who lives by the motto: Write smut. Read smut. Live forever. Her work has appeared in several anthologies and websites, including Cunning Linguists; The Big Book of Orgasms, Volume 2; Coming Soon: Women's Orgasm Erotica; Scandalous; and They live in Seattle, WA, by way of Chicago, IL, with their feline companion Marge.


Karmen Lee ( writes contemporary romance focusing on Black women finding love of every kind. She’s living it up in Atlanta, Georgia with her kid, her cats, and humidity. You can usually find her enjoying a glass of wine and dreaming up ways to show her readers a good time.


Dr. Melissa Lurex is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. Outside of office hours, she works at writing and plays at ice hockey.


Louise Lush aka Ms. Naughty has been writing and publishing erotica online since 2000. Her adult websites ( and feature her erotica and other written work, along with her short films. Her physical print published work includes chapters in The Feminist Porn Book and Coming Out Like A Porn Star.

Sienna Merit is a lifelong writer, devoted to all things romance related. E lives in Pennsylvania with er partner.


Tara Parker is a kinky woman who has to keep that side of herself under wraps for her day job, but lets it out in her erotic writing.


Flora Rae’s stories have appeared on Bellesa, The Big Fling, and in The Big Book of Orgasms, Volume 2. She lives and writes in Chicago.


Eireann Shells is the author of the Continuing Adventures of Waverly Goode and enthusiastically explores other ways to misuse her Master’s degree in creative writing.


Eve Somerton is a queer Brooklynite who enjoys late nights and early bird specials. When she’s not typing away on her latest piece she can be found roaming the streets of New York, cigarette in one hand, her latest conquest in the other. Stick around long enough and you might just catch a glimpse...


Misty Stewart ( is an Australian writer of erotic romance with a kink. Her debut novel, Truth or Dare, was released in 2021 and she’s currently working on the sequel. You can find her on her website, or on Twitter as @misty_writer 


Veronique Veritas ( primarily writes fiction and poetry. Through writing erotica, she hopes to promote a more sex positive future. She has been published in the Cleis anthologies Best Bondage Erotica of the Year Volume 2 and The Big Book of Orgasms Volume 2, along with the online magazine Aurore.


Lisa Wolinsky ( is a writer based out of Barrie, Ontario. She specializes in dark fantasy, horror, and romance, and writes both short prose and comics. When not writing, she works as an environmental safety consultant and plays as many tabletop games as she can fit in her schedule.

Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 8 contributors

Rilzy Adams ( spends her days in the courtroom but every other waking moment dreaming up love stories sweet enough to make hearts go soft, but with enough heat to keep things saucy. A curator of smut and dealer of happily-ever-afters, she believes all you need is love. And coffee.


Karina L. Agbisit is a writer and developmental editor from Portland, Oregon. Her writing has been published by Oregon Humanities, Ruminate Magazine, Portland State Vanguard, Haunted Waters Press, and Woodhall Press. She is completing an MFA in Creative Writing and an MA in Book Publishing from Portland State University.


Christina Berry ( writes sex-positive contemporary romance. Her debut novel, Up for Air, won “Sexiest Consent” in the 2021 Good Sex Awards and is the 2021 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Winner for Romance - Sizzle. A citizen of the Cherokee Nation, Christina resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and two robot cats.


Brynne Blackmoore is new to erotica, though she is proud to have been included in The Big Book of Orgasms, Volume 2 (“Experienced Appraisal”). She lives in New York, where she writes, reads, and does her best to focus on the beauty life has to offer.


D. S. Dane ( is a kinky, queer, erotic romance writer who explores the ways people use kink to create their own narratives and relate to others. “Bursting His Bubble” takes place in the kink club featured in the Dark Obsessions trilogy: Paying For It, Working For It, and Living For It.


Diva Darling ( is a queer writer, producer, performer, witch, and sex educator. She runs the erotic storytelling show Smut Slam DC and blogs for the adult store Lotus Blooms, a blog that was named to’s list of Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes.


Julie Fennell ( has written a nonfiction book about the BDSM subculture, Please Scream Quietly: A Story of Kink (in press), and is hard at work on a novel about kinky folks as well. She’s a sociology professor by day and a slut by night.


Cat Giraldo ( writes romance and fantasy, giving happily-ever-afters to characters who are painfully human, even when they aren’t human at all. She keeps vampire’s hours, writing characters far braver and more adventurous than she’ll ever be, long after her day job ends, much to her spoiled puppy’s irritation.


Dena Hankins ( writes aboard her boat, preferably in a quiet anchorage. Previously a sex educator, she writes erotica and romances spanning the queer alphabet. Her novels—Lysistrata Cove, Heart of the Liliko‘i, and Blue Water Dreams—are erotic romance novels with queer and trans leads.


J. L. Jenson (@JLJenson1 on Twitter) is an emerging erotica writer who loves to leave her readers like her characters—a little breathless and disoriented. She lives in the northeast United States.


Noor Juman is an economic policy researcher by day and writes fiction . . . also by day, because her brain refuses to do anything requiring critical thinking past 5:00 p.m. Her romance novel, A Summer Lesson in Romance, is now available on Kindle Unlimited. You can find her on Twitter at @noor_juman.


Ruby Lang ( is the author of the Practice Perfect and Uptown series. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Walrus, and Bitch. She and her family are recent transplants to Toronto.


Eva Leigh ( is a USA Today bestselling romance author who has always loved historical romance. She writes novels chock-full of determined women and men who are here for it. Eva and her husband both enjoy baking and live in Central California. 

Rosanna Leo ( is an award-winning writer of contemporary and paranormal romance. From Toronto, Canada, she occupies a house in the suburbs with her husband, their two sons, and a cat named Sweetie. When not writing, Rosanna works for her local public library.

Clare London ( took her pen name from the city where she lives, loves, and writes. Most of her work features romance and drama with a healthy serving of physical passion, as she enjoys both reading and writing about strong, sympathetic, and sexy characters.

Robin Lovett ( writes sci-fi erotic romance full of sex planets, ultra-hot aliens, and badass heroines. Her Planet of Desire series was named on SYFY FANGRRLS Favorite SFF Romances of the Decade and on the Fated Mates podcast as a top romance of 2019.

Souma Midwinter writes existential and erotic fiction, sometimes combined.

Sage Parker is a romance novelist, poet, and blogger. Her work is featured in Rise: An Anthology of Change, Haunted Waters Press, and Blue Heron Review. She has three paranormal romance novels published and is working on a second trilogy.

P. Stormcrow ( is an award-winning author of paranormal and contemporary erotic romances, often with sprinklings of power dynamics. Fierce women and sensitive men fill her stories while she examines social norms and challenges conventional tropes. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada, she enjoys writing about both cultures.

V. A. Vazquez ( is an author, theatre-maker, and LARPer from New York City. She currently lives in Scotland with her husband and wee doggo.

Jamaican-born Fiona Zedde ( currently lives and writes in Madrid, Spain. She is the author of several novellas and novels of lesBiQueer love and desire, including the Lambda Literary Award finalists, Bliss and Every Dark Desire. Her latest novel, House of Agnes, is out now.

Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 7 contributors

Gwendolyn J. Bean is an erotic writer who likes to think, “What if?” and then turn it into a story about sex. This is her first story. She lives in a small town outside of Toronto, Canada with her family.


Ann Castle lives in central Illinois. Her previous erotica has appeared in Nasty: Fetish Fights Back and other anthologies. 


Theo de Langley lives in the Netherlands with her spouse and her cat. She writes mostly in secret. She knows how to use a sword and is only slightly a witch. 


Lin Devon has been reading and writing erotic lit longer than was appropriate. She is an established artist with degrees in Fine Arts and Library Science reflecting a lifelong polyamory for art and for books. She is of African American and European descent and identifies as pansexual. Her stories span a wide spectrum.


Lucy Eden ( is the nom de plume of a romance-obsessed author who writes the kind of romance she loves to read. She’s a sucker for alphas with a soft gooey center, over the top romantic gestures, strong and smart MCs, humor, love at first sight (or pretty damn close), happily ever afters and of course, steamy love scenes.


Inga Gardner ( lives in New Hampshire, USA, with her family. She is also the author of The Reunion, a novel, and Just a Casual Thing, a novella.


Adriana Herrera ( was born and raised in the Caribbean, but for the last 15 years has let her job take her all over the world. She loves writing stories about people who look and sound like her people, getting unapologetic happy endings. She’s a social worker in New York City, working with survivors of violence.


Penny Howell ( lives by a simple motto: a little love and a lot of sex make for a very happy person. When not writing, you can find her making gin cocktails and obsessing over her three fur-babies. Though a born-and-raised New Englander, she hates the outdoors and cold weather.


S.P. Jaffrey is a Pakistani-American writer and educator, with a background in international journalism. Her writings have been featured in international news outlets and anthologies and are focused on culture, religion and social justice issues.


Gabrielle Johnson is a non-profit professional by day and a romance writer by night. When she’s not consuming all things romance across television, film and literature, you’ll find her wherever strong drinks and cute animals are. Or, on Twitter, @geminianxiety.


Angela Kempf ( is a radical sex revolutionary and parent of two living in Denver, who can most often be found with her nose in a book, eating tacos, or smashing the patriarchy. She ghostwrites for sex workers, sex therapists, and erotica writers around the world.


Kim Kuzuri is a non-binary butch queer who has ridden in cattle drives, worked in strawberry fields, done the barista thing, and ultimately ended up in the SF Bay Area. For fun, Kim lifts weights, collects geeky tattoos, and draws thirsty fanart of their latest media obsessions. @kimkuzuri on Instagram.


Corrina Lawson ( is an award-winning newspaper reporter, a former bookstore manager, and co-founder of For more of Alec and Beth's adventures, try their novel, Rise of the Firestarter. For more erotica, try the award-winning Love's Inferno


Angelina M. Lopez ( writes sexy, contemporary stories about strong women and the confident men lucky to love them. Her first two books in her Filthy Rich series, Lush Money and Hate Crush, received rave reviews from Entertainment Weekly, NPR, and Booklist. She was a newspaper journalist and magazine writer before focusing on her true love, romance writing.


Kristine Lynn lives in Northern Arizona, where she teaches English by day and writes erotic short stories and novels by night. Her first two novels, Mountain Treasure and Forbidden Treasure, are out in print and ebook format with Cobblestone Press. You can find her erotic short stories published on


Erin McLellan ( is the author of the Farm College, So Over the Holidays, and Storm Chasers series. She writes happily ever afters that are earthy, emotional, humorous, and sexy. Originally from Oklahoma, she currently lives in Alaska and spends her time dreaming up queer contemporary romances.


Velvet Moore has appeared in Orgasmic: Erotica for Women, Best Women’s Erotica 2011 and The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 10. She currently lives in Ohio and makes a living as a corporate writer.


Joanna Shaw is a young writer from Pennsylvania with a short resume and a long list of ideas. Although currently recovering from a serious illness, she hopes to get to work sometime soon. She can be found writing or crafting in the meantime.


Holley Trent ( is a bestselling and award-winning author of contemporary, paranormal, and science fiction romance. As a Southern transplant to the Rocky Mountains, she pens stories that blend the adventure of the west with the sultry heat of the southeast.


Sara Taylor Woods writes erotic romance and contemporary fantasy. She’s the author of two-time HOLT finalist Hold Me Down, as well as contributor to erotica, fantasy, and horror anthologies. She lives with her family in South Carolina.

Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 6 contributors

Jane Bauer ( is a restaurant owner and the editor of The Eye, a local English magazine in Mexico. She has previously been published in the New York Times Modern Love column.

Shelly Bell ( is the award-winning author of the popular Benediction and Forbidden Lovers series. When she’s not working her day job, taking care of her family, or writing, you’ll find her reading the latest romance or thriller.

Evie Bennet is a narrative designer who writes fiction and visual novels. Currently, she’s expanding on the Rattler Romance motorcycle club series that starts with a tortured, obsessive mechanic falling for a wordsmith gang member in We Belong. Bennet is also pursuing a Master’s in Game Design.

Zoey Castile was born in Ecuador and raised in Queens, New York. For nearly a decade, she worked as a bartender, hostess, and manager in New York City’s nightlife. When she’s not writing, she can be found backpacking and hiking. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @ZoeyCastile.

Amy Glances is a New York-based writer who doesn’t believe in mermaids, except, of course, for the ones she’s met.


RITA-finalist author Jeanette Grey ( started out with degrees in physics and painting, which she dutifully applied to stunted careers in teaching, technical support, and advertising. Now she writes sexy, smart, heart-squeezing romance. When she’s not at her keyboard, she’s probably crafting, gaming, or chasing after her husband and toddler.

Mia Hopkins ( writes lush romances starring fun, sexy characters who love to get down and dirty. She’s a sucker for working-class heroes, brainy heroines, and wisecracking best friends. Her favorite form of procrastination is baking. She lives in Los Angeles with her family.

Brit Ingram lives in southern Ontario, Canada. She writes short erotic stories, personal essays, and poetry, and is working on her first novel. She can be found writing in the pre-dawn hours, with plenty of breaks for coffee, her cat, and Twitter.

Katrina Jackson is a college history professor. She writes diverse erotica and erotic romance in her very limited spare time. She’s the queen of telling awkward, sarcastic jokes at the absolute

worst time.

D. L. King ( is the editor of fifteen anthologies and the author of novels and novellas, as well as a collection of shorts. More than one hundred anthologies have

included her short stories. She has acquired multiple literary awards, including a Lambda, a Golden Crown, several IPPYs, and NLA-I awards.

Margot Pierce is a romance novelist and smut enthusiast based in upstate New York.


Elizabeth SaFleur ( writes award-winning romance that dares to “go there” from twenty-eight wildlife-filled acres, which she shares with her husband and a seventeen-pound Westie (the real Dom in the family). When not immersed in books she can be found burlesque dancing or drinking good Virginia wine.

Published since 2009, USA Today bestselling author Naima Simone ( writes sizzling romances with heart, a touch of humor, and snark. She is wife to her non-Kryptonian Superman and mother to the most awesome kids ever. They live in perfect, domestically challenged bliss in the southern

United States.

Leah W. Snow writes at the attic window of the eighteenth century stone farmhouse she shares with her husband and two gentle hounds of uncertain heritage. By day she writes corporate magazine articles, executive speeches, and white papers. By night she writes erotica, which she finds far more engaging.

Kyra Valentine spends her time dancing to the throbbing beat on a darkened dance floor, sleeping on the beach in the sultry heat of summer, or on the bench in her courtroom. She loves cheese, dark chocolate, and moody French films.

Anuja Varghese ( is a Canadian writer whose work has appeared in several journals and literary magazines. She is currently working on a collection of short stories while pursuing creative writing at the University of Toronto. She has been to a lot of terrible conferences.

Saskia Vogel ( is a writer and literary translator from Los Angeles and based in Berlin. Her debut novel, Permission (Coach House Books, 2019), is a story of love, loss, and BDSM set between Hollywood and the crumbling LA coastline.

Olivia Waite ( is a former bookseller and Jeopardy! champion who writes historical romance, fantasy, science fiction, and essays. She is the Kissing Books columnist for the Seattle Review of Books, where she reviews romance both new and old with an emphasis on insightful criticism and genre

history. She lives in Seattle with her husband and their stalwart mini dachshund.

Alexis Wilder lives near a lake with her patient husband, their mermaid children, and a deranged dog. She loves movies, beer, and complaining about Michigan’s weather. An active fangirl, she restricts her stanning to her various aliases and does not chase down celebrity men for sex in real life. Seriously.

Elia Winters ( is a fat, tattooed, polyamorous bisexual who loves petting cats and fighting the patriarchy. A sex educator and kink-positive feminist, Elia reviews sex toys, speaks at kink conventions, and writes geeky, kinky, cozy erotic romance. She lives in western Massachusetts with her loving husband and weird pets.

Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 5 contributors

Joanna Angel is an award-winning adult film star, director, producer, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and CEO of the venerated adult studio Burning Angel Entertainment. She was inducted

into AVN’s Hall of Fame in 2016 and continues to make her mark on the adult industry and the world at large.

Loretta Black is a connoisseur of fine and unusual erotica. She resides in the North of England with a very badly behaved cat and an overflowing trunk of impossible ideas.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in the New South, Alexa J. Day ( loves stories with just a touch of the inappropriate and heroines who are anything but innocent. Her literary mission is to stimulate the intellect and libido of her readers. She lives in central Virginia with her cats.

Kathleen Delaney-Adams is a queer, high-femme performer, author, cupcake baker, and rescuer of all living creatures. She resides in Atlanta with her butch husband, several dogs, cats, a possum named Mabel, and a murder of five crows. She has been published in a dozen erotic anthologies.

Justine Elyot has been writing erotic fiction for over a decade. First published by Black Lace, she has also written bestselling novels and short fiction for HarperCollins Mischief, Xcite, Totally Bound, and many others. Her latest novel, The Story of Jo, explores a BDSM ménage dynamic and was published by Sinful

Press in 2018.

Emerald ( is an erotic fiction author interested in elevating discussion of and attention to authentic sexual experience. Her first short story collection, If . . . Then, was released in 2014, and her second, Safe, was the bronze winner in the Erotica category of the 2016 Independent Publisher (IPPY) Awards.


Lauren Emily ( writes erotica for Her smut has been published in BUST and Between the Covers: A Bookstore Erotica Anthology (Volumes, 2018). Lauren contributes to Playboy and SELF and is the author of the YA novel Satellite (World Castle Publishing, 2017). She hangs in the air and contorts her body weekly.

Anna Mia Hansen ( is a writer from Australia. She draws on her mixed heritage—her mother is Japanese and her father is Danish—to craft the fantastic worlds that feature in her fiction. She holds a PhD in Old Norse literature and is working on a steamy space-opera trilogy.

Stella Harris ( is an author, intimacy educator, and sex coach who teaches everything from pleasure anatomy to communication skills to kink and BDSM. Look for her book, Tongue Tied: Untangling Communication in Sex, Kink, and Relationships, also from Cleis Press.


Balli Kaur Jaswal ( is a novelist based in Singapore. Her internationally acclaimed novel, Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows (Harper Collins/William Morrow), was selected by Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine Book Club in 2017. Jaswal’s nonfiction has appeared in the New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar India, Conde Nast Traveller India, and

Quinn LeStrange is a fiction writer with a bachelor’s degree in architecture. She considers herself a chameleon of romantic fiction, crossing boundaries between paranormal, historic, contemporary, and BDSM. She is based in the Los Angeles area, searching for the perfect cup of espresso and her next explorative inspiration.

A. Z. Louise is a civil engineer-turned-writer, whose conure keeps them company during the writing process. When not reading or writing, they can be found playing folk harp, knitting, or arguing

with their sewing machine.

Angel Leigh McCoy ( has been a professional game and fiction writer for over two decades. Her work has appeared in numerous publications—Strange Aeons, Clockwork Chaos, Vile Things, Pseudopod, Fear of the Dark, Beast Within 2—and includes the novelette Charlie Darwin, or the Trine of 1809 (Nevermet Press).

Lee Minxton’s erotic writing has appeared in Forum (UK), the Good Vibrations webzine, the Blowfish catalog e-newsletter, and the anthologies Best Gay Erotica of the Year, Volume 3; Big Man on Campus; Surprise; and Naughty Stories From A To Z, Volume 4.

Caridad Piñeiro ( is a transplanted Long Island girl who has fallen in love with the Jersey Shore. When Caridad isn’t taking long strolls along the boardwalk, she’s also a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author with over a million romance novels sold worldwide.

CD Reiss ( is a New York Times best-selling author, which inflated her ego for about a minute. She promised her husband they’d only move to Los Angeles for three years while she got her master’s degree in screenwriting from USC. A decade later, they’re still there.

Jayne Renault ( is a long-winded smutty wordsmith who likes to fill her pages with bisexual babes, scandal and infidelity, smug masturbation, and a little magic. A good metaphor turns her on more than a pretty face ever could, and she is the resident Smut Queen at Bellesa.

Angora Shade ( is an American erotic romance author living in Europe. She enjoys creating stories that surprise, amuse, or tease the reader, providing an alternative outlook to the monotony of someone’s usual day.

Sierra Simone ( is a USA Today bestselling former librarian (who spent too much time reading romance  novels at the information desk). She lives with her husband and family in Kansas City.

Sabrina Sol ( is the chica who loves love. She writes sexy romance stories featuring Latina heroines in search of their Happily Ever Afters. Sabrina and her books have been featured in Entertainment Weekly, PopSugar, and on Book Riot’s list of “100 Must Read Romantic Comedies.”

By day, words by A. Zimmerman are found in ads, instructions in technical manuals, and on menus describing decadent desserts. By night, she lets her words take a decided turn for the erotic,

crafting short stories full of adult pleasures that may be found in numerous magazines and anthologies.

Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 4 contributors

Calliope Bloom is a queer writer and editor. She writes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Rebecca Chase ( is an English rose with a taste for sex and romance. She adores finding story ideas in everyday life and is always looking out for everyone’s next book boyfriend. Frequently she can be caught daydreaming in coffee shops or enjoying the spectacle of sportsmen battling with balls.


Alyssa Cole ( is an award-winning author of sci-fi, historical and contemporary romance. When she’s not busy writing, traveling and learning French, she can be found watching anime with her husband, tending to their herd of animals and finding ways to get around her Twitter-blocking app.


Chicago native Eliza David ( is an erotic romance author living in Iowa City. She enjoys reading Jackie Collins and indulging in the occasional order of cheese fries. Eliza is also a blogger, serving as a contributing writer for Real Moms of Eastern Iowa and Thirty on Tap.


Jocelyn Dex ( writes paranormal and contemporary romance and erotica that includes humor, lust, love and four-letter words on the way to a Happily-Ever-After.


Patricia Elzie is a writer (fiction and nonfiction), blogger (,, librarian and giver of questionable advice. She lives in Los Angeles, California, with her spouse and hundreds of books.


Megan Hart ( writes books. Some of them use bad words, but most of the other words are okay. She writes a little bit of everything, although she’s best known for writing erotic fiction that sometimes makes you cry.


Regina Kammer ( writes erotica and historical erotic romance. She makes history sexier, whether the era is Roman, Byzantine, Viking, American Revolution or Victorian. She began writing historical fiction during National Novel Writing Month 2006, switching to erotica when all her characters suddenly demanded to have sex.


Mica Kennedy ( writes romantic fiction from the evergreen, ever-damp Pacific Northwest. She is working on her first novel. 


Louise Lagris ( is a writer and editor living in New York City. When she’s not reading voraciously, checking out what’s new on the big and little screens, or scribbling away for her straight gigs, she slings smutty words online and in print.


Tamara Lush ( is a journalist by day and an erotic romance author at night. Her books have been called “smart smut,” and she finished her most recent novel on a cross-country train trip during an Amtrak Writing Residency.


Madeline Moore ( is an award-winning author of erotica and erotic romance short stories, novels and novellas. She is also a produced screenwriter and writing tutor. Madeline lives near Toronto.


Tamsen Parker ( is the USA Today bestselling erotic romance author of the Compass series and the Snow and Ice Games series. She lives with her family outside of Boston, where she tweets too much, sleeps too little and is always in the middle of a book.


Sofia Quintero ( has written six novels across multiple genres. You’ll find more of her erotica in the anthologies Juicy Mangos, edited by Michelle Herrera-Mulligan, and Dirty Girls, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. When not writing her next book, Sofia’s developing a television series based on her novel, Burn, written under the pseudonym Black Artemis.


Rosie Beth Randall is a debut author from Southern California. “Mark” is her first attempt at erotic short story writing. She is currently crafting her third novel.


Sienna Saint-Cyr writes erotic and romantic fiction for the Love Slave series, Sexy Little Pages, Melt, Haunt, and the Sexual Expression series. She also writes nonfiction and flash fiction for several websites. Sienna owns SinCyr Publishing, an erotica company with a focus on “shifting rape culture one sexy story at a time.”


Editor, writer, American desi and lifelong geek, Suleikha Snyder is an author of sexy contemporary romances like Bollywood and the Beast and Seared. She lives in New York City, finding inspiration in genre fiction, soaps, and bacon. Visit her online at and follow her on Twitter @suleikhasnyder

Alessandra Torre ( is an award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of sixteen novels and the Bedroom Blogger for In addition to writing, Alessandra is the creator of Alessandra Torre Ink, a community and online school for aspiring authors. 


Jo Henny Wolf ( writes erotic fiction and romance. She lives with her family in the shadow of the Black Forest, where she breathed in fairy tales and myths since childhood. Her writing has been published in anthologies and standalone publications.


R.M. Wood is a communications professional who lives and works in Victoria, Canada. When not writing, she can be found drinking copious mugs of tea, illustrating comics or spending time with her husband and two cats. 

Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 3 contributors

Kris Adams ( writes erotica, speculative fiction, and fan fiction. Her work appears in Best Women’s Erotica 2009, Best Lesbian Romance 2010 and 2014, Girl Crush, Daily Flashes of Erotica, and Irresistible: Erotic Romance for Couples.


Abigail Barnette is the alter ego of blogger and USA Today best-selling author, Jenny Trout. She writes award-winning erotic romance, including the internationally best-selling The Boss series.


Dee Blake ( is an emerging erotica writer whose work has been published on and in the Fur and Fang monster erotica anthology from Apokrupha Press, I Slept with a Yeti…More on Page 4. 


At forty-two, Angell Brooks keeps living the dream daily. From her home in Toronto, she is continuously inspired by humanity’s unconventional conventionalists, while her muse changes occupations on a weekly basis. It keeps things fresh. Her stories appear in anthologies by December Ink Press, Cleis Press, and Harlequin.


Aya de Leon teaches creative writing at UC Berkeley. These characters are part of the Justice Hustlers series published by Kensington Books, which began with Uptown Thief in 2016 and continues with The Boss in 2017. She blogs and tweets about culture, gender, and race at @AyadeLeon and


Emmanuelle de Maupassant ( lives with her husband (maker of tea and fruit cake) and her hairy pudding terrier (connoisseur of bacon treats and squeaky toys). Her works include a 1920s saucy romp, a Neo-Victorian erotic classic, and tales darkly debauched, inspired by devilish Slavonic superstitions.


With stories in more than forty anthologies, Tamsin Flowers ( has probably been writing erotica for far too long, but she isn’t going to stop. Having completed her year-long Alchemy xii BDSM novella series, she’s now turning her attention to a new novel of a dark and twisty hue. 


Brandy Fox writes poetry, stories, essays, and novels for both children and adults. Her erotic fiction has appeared in Women in Lust, The Mammoth Book of Quick and Dirty Erotica, and Hungry for More. She lives in Washington State with her spouse and children.

Dr. J ( writes erotica while enjoying the island life in Florida. She is a retired sex therapist, crafting her first erotic romance novel set in a sex education institute. Everyday life inspires her stories and she finds sexy writing inspiration in every corner of her world.

Annabel Joseph ( is a multi-published, award-winning author of BDSM romance. She writes both historical and contemporary stories, with a focus on complex characters and relationships. When she’s not writing sexy kink, Annabel enjoys daydreaming, singing show tunes, and chirping at her zebra finches.


Thien-Kim Lam writes erotic multiracial romances exploding with delectable delights. When she needs a break from imagining new places for her heroine to hide her battery-operated toys, she guzzles Vietnamese iced coffee and bakes her feelings. Visit for reading recommendations and pleasure pairings while you wait for her debut novel.


Professional dirty- word writer, gluten- free baker, sock addict, fat wiener dog walker, expert procrastinator. That sums it up. Sommer Marsden ( has been called “…one of the top storytellers in the erotica genre” (Violet Blue) and “Unapologetic” (Alison Tyler). Her novels include Muse, Chasing Shade, Restless Spirit, and Restricted Release


August McLaughlin ( is a health and sexuality writer and the host and creator of Girl Boner® and Girl Boner® Radio.


Charlie Powell ( has been an avid reader and writer of erotica since her teens and has a particular interest in disabled characters, interesting safewords, and getting off on shame. She lives in the United Kingdom and has a huge weakness for chocolate, wine, and bad boys.


R. J. Richardson is an aspiring Canadian author and an avid consumer of theater. They spend most of their time reading, researching for upcoming stories, or otherwise watching Netflix with a glass of red wine and a cuddle cat named Hermione.

B. B. Sanchez is a social profit crusader by day and rails against bigotry and the patriarchy by night, one story at a time. She writes complex characters who aren’t interested in fitting inside anyone else’s boxes. She often explores queer and non-traditional relationships and the audacity of falling in love.

In addition to writing, thirty-three-year-old Lyla Sage enjoys, among other things, reading, traveling, and photography. She also maintains a highly erotic blog at By day, she works a cushy job as a state-certified massage therapist in California’s Bay Area in the Napa Valley in California. 

Charlotte Stein ( is the RT- and DABWAHA-nominated author of over fifty short stories, novellas, and novels. When not writing deeply emotional and intensely sexy books, she can be found eating jelly turtles, watching terrible sitcoms, and occasionally lusting after hunks. 


Lynn Townsend is a geek, a dreamer and an inveterate punster. When not reading, writing, or editing, she can be found drinking coffee or killing video game villains. Lynn’s interests include geek comedy music, romance novels, octopuses, and movies with more FX than plot. Her home is protected by lightsabers.


Leandra Vane ( is a sex writer and speaker. She writes a book review and sexuality blog entitled The Unlaced Librarian. Her work tackles concepts in relationship styles, disability, sexual fantasy, and kink. 


Rachel Woe ( is an erotica and erotic romance writer from New England. A longtime lover of racy fiction, she used to smuggle Story of O and The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy to school, folded inside brown-bag book covers. Connect with her on Twitter @storyofwoe. 


Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 2 contributors


Winter Blair is a Scottish countess with a closet full of designer gowns, shoes worth a month's rent and jewelry of the sort you only see on the red carpet. This is one of her first published stories.


Jocelyn Bringas ( is the author of Heartthrob Fantasy and Heartthrob Daddy. Her stories have been in various anthologies such as Zane's Caramel Flava and Rachel Kramer Bussel's Yes, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission.


Ella Dawson (on Twitter as @brosandprose) is a twenty-something feminist who counts every single one of her Facebook likes. Social media manager by day and sex writer by night, Ella's work has been published by Women's Health, Femsplain and Gadgette.


Dorianne is a writer and radio show host based in Toronto, Canada. Her show Sex City can be heard on CIUT 89.5 FM, and her erotica can be found in Best Women's Erotica 2012, Up & Coming Magazine, and online at and


Abigail Ekue ( is a writer of fiction and nonfiction. She is the author of The Darker Side of Lust. Her interest in the "body-ologies" fuels her writing. She has shared her insight on sex, relationships and body image on various media outlets, literary events and showcases.


Melina Greenport ( lives in Los Angeles where, after a twenty-year career in television and film, she has shifted her focus to writing fiction. She is relatively new to erotica and having a blast.

Kristy Harding's stories and essays have been published in Spry, Elohi Gadugi, The Pitkin Review and around the web. She has an MFA from Goddard and lives in Portland, Oregon.


Kay Jaybee ( was named Best Erotica Writer of 2015 by the ETO. She has written over one hundred erotic stories, and has published The Perfect Submission Triology, The New Room, The Voyeur and Not Her Type.


Violet R. Jones currently lives in Hokkaido, Japan with her partner and their cats.


Josie Jordan has had short stories published in Xcite anthologies (Accent Press), the anthology For the Men and on For the Girls website. She also writes fiction and nonfiction for women's magazines and newspapers in the UK, Sweden and Australia.


Stella Watts Kelley is the pen name of a freelance writer and poet whose articles and nonfiction narratives have appeared in numerous publications. Her story "In the Sauna" appeared in Best Lesbian Erotica 2010.


Vierra Lai is currently living in New York City. This is her first time writing erotic fiction.


Annabeth Leong is frequently confused about her sexuality, but enjoys searching for answers. Her short fiction has appeared in anthologies including Best Women's Erotica 2015 and the twentieth anniversary edition of Best Lesbian Erotica. She is the author of the novel Untouched and the erotic short story collection, Liquid Longing.


T.C. Mill is a freelance editor and writer. Her short stories have appeared in anthologies for Circlet, Storm Moon Press, Tempted Romance and House of Erotica, and on the Nerve and Bright Desire websites. With Alex Freeman, she coedited two literary erotica anthologies under the New Smut Project.


Jordan Monroe is delighted to be using her English degrees. She enjoys both listening to and playing music, watching Sherlock while anxiously waiting for new episodes, and buying too many books to fit on her bookshelves. She lives within twenty-five miles of Washington, DC, and tweets as @Miss_J_Monroe.


Eve Pendle ( lives in England and when she's not writing sexy historical romance, she collects Victorian curiosities, works on science projects and tweets as @EvePendle.


Janelle Reston ( is a pansexual powerhouse whose erotica has appeared in multiple anthologies, including The First Annual Geeky Kinky Anthology, To Obey Her, Sizzle, From Top to Bottom, Girls on Campus, Time of Your Life and Like a Spell: Erotic Stories of Wizards. Her novelette Tomboy is available from Torquere Press.


Kate Sebastian ( has been crafting stories since she was tiny. She earns a good living as a writer, editor and online content administrator, but decided to try her hand at writing romance since she reads so much of it.


Corrine A. Silver ( lives in the U.S. Midwest with her family. She loves baking and movies and is trying to exercise more. Her goal this year is to let go of guilt.


Garnell Wallace likes old houses, and features them in many of her erotic and paranormal stories. An island girl drawn to water, her latest self-published book, Lullaby Lake, is available on Amazon. She also writes under the name Suzette Wallace, and has published Forever My Demon with Blushing Books.


Cela Winter ( took up writing after a career as a restaurant chef. Really. Her erotic fiction has been published in print and on the web. Cela lives on the fringes of Portland, Oregon, and is working on a novel—when the muse isn't distracting her with smutty short-story ideas.


Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 1 contributors


L. Marie Adeline is the pseudonym for Lisa Gabriele, a bestselling author and award-winning TV producer. Her S.E.C.R.E.T. erotica trilogy was published in more than thirty countries. She lives in Toronto.


Valerie Alexander lives in Los Angeles. Her work has been published in Best of Best Women's Erotica, The Mammoth Book of Erotica, Best Bondage Erotica and other anthologies.


Tara Betts is the author of the poetry collection Arc & Hue. Tara's writing has also appeared in several journals and anthologies, including Best Black Women's Erotica 2 and Erotic Haiku.


Amy Butcher is a writer, illustrator and silver-fox "liminal guide" who enjoys leading people through transformations. She is Chief Whimsy Officer of the erotic collaborative Body Trust, co-edited the 2015 IPPY Gold Medal-winning anthology Sex Still Spoken Here and authored the 2012 award-winning mystery-novel Paws for Consideration.

Rose Caraway is a writer, editor, narrator, audiobook producer and podcaster for the hit show "The Kiss Me Quick's" Erotica Podcast. She freely celebrates all things erotica with her wonderful Lurid Listeners, and is fondly known as "The Sexy Librarian" who scours the globe searching for sexy stories.


Deborah Castellano ( made her erotica debut with "Courting Him" in Best Women's Erotica 2009. Her work includes "Party Girl" and "How to Become a Lady Adventurer" published by Freya's Bower, "Maid for You" in Best Lesbian Erotica 2012, "Tails" in Anything for You and "Day Job" in Slave Girls.


Heidi Champa is an extensively published author of erotic fiction. Find out more at


Doriana Chase lives in a seaside New England town with her husband an two cats. She writes and draws every day. Many of her short stories and articles have been published under different names, and she is currently working on two books: an erotic romance and a graphic novel. Visit her Facebook page at


Elizabeth Coldwell lives and writes in London. Her stories have appeared in numerous anthologies, including five volumes of Best Women's Erotica. She can be found at The (Really) Naughty Corner,


J. Crichton and H. Keyes both reside in Japan and have appeared in other erotica anthologies including Can't Get Enough, edited by Tenille Brown, and Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.


Dorothy Freed is the pseudonym of an erotica writer who lives near San Francisco. Her stories have appeared in anthologies including Cheeky Spanking Stories, Twice the Pleasure, Ageless Erotica and Sex Still Spoken Here. Her blog, Sixty-Nine and Still Sexual, is on her website,

Theda Hudson's erotica presses sexual boundaries, boiling over with leather and latex, steaming with desire. Her work includes stories in Best Lesbian Erotica 2001 and 2015, Best Lesbian Romance 2011 and 2012 and an urban paranormal novel, Dyke Valiant. She lives with four cats, one thousand books and one understanding partner.


Lazuli Jones's particular brand of erotica has previously appeared in Torquere Press's They Do anthology and the Mythologically Torqued anthology. Her first novel, Abyssal Zone, is available from eXtasy Books. As a local performer and queer activist, Lazuli can be found haunting the stage in Ontario, Canada with an odd play or a bit of slam poetry.


Elise King is a former fiction editor and an MFA candidate, currently at work on her first novel. Her work has appeared in Fine Lines. She lives in Nebraska, and aside from her corporate day job, she spends every minute possible on her writing.


Rose P. Lethe is a corporate copyeditor, copywriter and watcher of cat videos. After completing an MFA in creative writing, she found she could no longer stomach "serious literature," and has since turned to more enjoyable creative pursuits.


Tabitha Rayne loves all things sensual, from painting nude ladies to writing erotic tales. Her erotic fantasy, The Clockwork Butterfly Trilogy, explores a dystopian future where sexual pleasure holds the key to survival. Her stories appear in anthologies from Cleis Press, Xcite, Ravenous Romance, Burning Books, Velvet Books and more.


Tiffany Reisz is the author of the international bestselling Original Sinners series. Her book The King won the 2015 Lambda Award for Best Gay Erotica. Find her on Twitter @tiffanyreisz.


Ria Restrepo has written just about everything from literary fiction to political humor under various names. Now she's focused on writing what she loves to read—mainly romance and erotica. Her erotic romance "Undercover Desires" was recently published in Spy Games: Thrilling Spy Erotica from House of Erotica books.


D.R. Slaten began writing a a very young age. She spent most of her childhood with stories running in her head side by side with real stories in her life. Raising children, practicing law and life sidetracked her from her stories. Now her stories have revolted and found a way out.


Jessica Taylor ( is writing her first novel, an MMA erotic romance. You can read more of her work in Spy Games: Thrilling Spy Erotica. Jessica s the winer of a Texas Health Resources Literature and Medicine award and two Katy Lehman Awards for creative writing.


Jade A. Waters ( once convinced a boyfriend that reading provocative synonyms from a thesaurus counted as foreplay, and she's been penning erotic tales in California ever since. Her short fiction appears in various anthologies including Best Erotic Romance 2015, Best Women's Erotica 2014 and Coming Together: Among the Stars.

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