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August McLaughlin on why women's sexual pleasure is political

Today we present the first of our interviews with the contributors to Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 3. We're proud to feature August McLaughlin, host of Girl Boner Radio and author of In Her Shadow. Keep reading to learn more about her erotic short story "Watch Her Come Undone" and the sexy photo shoot that spurs the drama in it. Follow August on Twitter @AugstMcLaughlin.

August McLaughlin Girl Boner host

How long have you been writing erotica? How and why did you get started?

This was actually my first real stab at erotic fiction, though there are some sexual scenes in my thriller, In Her Shadow, and some sexy true stories in my forthcoming Girl Boner book. I believe our sexuality is enmeshed in nearly everything we do and who we are as human beings — so it’s only natural that eroticism crop up everywhere. Writing erotica intentionally, though, was such a new and fun experience.

What was the inspiration for your story “Watch Me Come Undone” in Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 3?

I participated in a sensual photoshoot a few years ago, which showed me how incredible that medium can be. My shoot didn’t get as spicy as the one I wrote about, but it did give me some ideas!

A character in your story wears a Pussy Grabs Back t-shirt. Do you consider your story to have a political message?

I think any time we write or talk about women’s sexual pleasure it’s political, especially given our current administration. When we allow ourselves to embrace and step into our fantasies, as my main character did, it chips away at barriers too many women face.

August McLaughlin erotica

What were the most enjoyable and most challenging parts of writing it? How does your story fit in with your larger body of writing (if at all)?

Imagining and getting lost in the story were definitely my favorite parts. One challenge was writing much of it during a plane ride. (I’ll let you imagine why!) Most of my writing, whether articles, books or blog posts, deals with sexuality and empowerment, so it fits right in.

What’s your favorite line or paragraph from your story?

“She leaned in, her lips parting slightly, still toying with her crotch inside her jeans. Our mouths met, sending a shock of excitement to my core. Our tongues touched then entangled. She tasted of wintergreen and her own sweet essence. Her lips felt familiar, almost as though I was kissing my own. For a moment, I imagined Antonio watching us and grew wetter. Babe..."

You host the podcast Girl Boner Radio, whose tagline is “Where Good Girls Go For Sexual Empowerment.” What made you start the podcast, and what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from hosting it?

I started Girl Boner® on my blog five years ago, and about a year in, I started appearing on other people’s podcasts and radio shows to talk about women’s sexual empowerment. After Dr. Lisa Masterson interviewed me on Health in Heels, her publicist asked me why I didn’t have a show of my own. I thought, “Duh! Why don’t I?” I dove in full blast after that.

I’ve learned a ton from hosting the show. As a writer, I’m used to editing my work and often having it professionally proofed or edited before the public sees it. I record my show live, so there’s seldom any editing. That was a big challenge for me at first — but it’s also helped me better accept “imperfections.” I now see more beauty in organic conversations, the occasional word flubs included. They feel more intimate and true. It may sound dramatic, but this lesson has carried over into my life as a whole. I’ve learned (am still learning) to go easier on myself and focus more on what matters.

What are you working on next?

My book, Girl Boner: The Good Girl’s Guide to Sexual Empowerment, releases in 2018, so I’m looking forward to spreading the word about that. I have some related projects I can’t talk publicly about yet in the mix, too. (If folks sign up for my mailing list, they can learn about them first!) And I always look forward to more Girl Boner writing.

Read "Watch Me Come Undone" by August McLaughlin now in Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 3, available from:


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